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Get fast results for your child's tests

Get faster results

Waiting for days for your child's medical test results can be extremely stressful. On-site testing gets you your results as soon as possible so we can begin creating your child's treatment approach.

Avoid the ER

There is no need to go sit in the emergency room for hours waiting for an X-ray if your child has a sports injury or other concern. Trust us to perform the x-ray here and help you determine the next steps.

What tests are available?

- Blood tests

- Urine analysis

- Throat cultures

- Glucose

- many more


Let us ease your mind

Same-day care

Urgent care

Nurse hotline

Get answers to your nursing questions 24 hours a day.


Most insurance is accepted, including Medicaid.

If your child is sick, same-day visits are available.

Urgent care is available in our walk-in clinic.

If your child needs medical tests, you want the results as fast as possible. An in-house lab allows us to perform most testing on-site for fast, dependable results and immediate access to a treatment plan.

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